94 WIP risks its journalistic integrity, discusses highly controversial Eagles “mock draft”

08d40986-1dba-cfd3-ff75-dad5ce49b42dPerhaps in a desperate attempt to bolster its sliding ratings, 94 WIP threw caution to the wind this morning when Midday host Joe DeCamara decided to discuss, on live air, a controversial NFL mock draft that has been floating around the dark web of the internet for the past week.

For perhaps the first time in the station’s vaunted and respected history, a sports talk show decided to acknowledge and discuss unverified rumors about an upcoming sporting event.

Only previously discussed in hushed tones by journalists behind closed doors, DeCamara brought up the several page document, published by an unknown NFL insider and malcontent at ESPN, which attempted to accurately predict every pick for the seven round draft based on each team’s needs on the field.

The document relied heavily on assumptions and unsubstantiated rumors, two faulty premises no self-respecting sports talk radio station has ever depended on for content.

Co-host Jon Ritchie made one statement before then remaining silent through the proceedings.

“I don’t know about this, Joe. What does this person know, where they feel it necessary to predict what’s going to happen in the draft? Who does that? I don’t even want to assume anything about what all the teams, let alone the Eagles, will do in the draft. It’s disrespectful to the league and the GMs. I don’t want to be a part of this highly suspect decision and document,” Ritchie said.

Upon hearing DeCamara begin to discuss who the Cleveland Browns may pick with the first overall selection of the 2017 draft, livid fans flooded the station’s phone lines to decry the lack of journalistic integrity being broadcast.

“Who they may pick? Who are your sources on this, have they been substantiated? Sounds a lot like rumors and hearsay to me, which frankly I don’t want to hear on your show. I need hard news, that’s why I listen to sports talk radio, not unfounded opinions and predictions. Get it together, guys,” Frank from Mayfair said at 10:03 a.m., one of hundreds of calls that lit up the phones.

DeCamara, who has not apologized for the incident, has since said he was even considering discussing the “2.0 version” of the mock draft in the show’s second hour.

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