Collective response of Philadelphia watching Carson Wentz win his debut


Unbelievable debut from the young man. 278 yards, two touchdowns….he looked poised, he looked under control and he looked sexy in an Eagles jersey.

Some real quick thoughts:

RGIII is a bum and Doug Pederson is a genius. No two ways about it.

Wentz will throw for over 5,000 yards, run for another 1,000 yards and throw 45+ TDs.

I don’t want to overreact, but the Eagles are going 16-0 and are winning the Super Bowl. It’s obvious.


RGIII on injury: ‘I do not have a concussion, and does anyone else hear a loud buzzing?”

Antsy-RGIII-looking-forward-to-Game-1-9U27LH83-x-largeWashington, DC – Speaking to the media yesterday for the first time since suffering an undisclosed injury against the Detroit Lions last week, RGIII emphatically declared he did not suffer a concussion after being hit several times and kindly asked reporters to turn off whatever machine was making that high pitching buzzing noise.

“Look, my brain is fine, it really is. Did it just get really dark in here? Man, someone turn on a light,” He said, his pupils fully dilated despite being in a well lit, bright room.