Maybe we’ll just start a politics blog instead…


Our thoughts exactly, Greg.

At this point in the Eagles season I need to take a long, hard look at what I’m doing with my free time. Wasting four hours of my life to watch the Eagles fuck their way through an afternoon shouldn’t be an option anymore. Just imagine what I could have done with those four hours…I could have re-caulked my bathroom appliances, taken a nap, soundproofed my sex dungeon…anything would have been better than watching Nelson Agholor have a stroke on the field in front of a national TV audience.

Maybe we should slowly start transitioning ourselves over to a politics based website?

DID YOU SEE WHAT TRUMP TWEETED? What a prick! Hey, we’re halfway there.

At this point I’d probably rather read Trump bitching about the theater than watch the Eagles try to take on an elite opponent.

And really, lets be honest, the only politician who should be receiving an apology for attending the theater is Lincoln (HIYO, topical humor).

So there you have it. We’re all about politics here now at the Coggin. Go somewhere else for your sports views, because all we tackle here now is unfair trade agreements, unbalanced tariffs, domestic and foreign policy, and the budget. Yes, we must not forget the budget.

Tune in tomorrow for the first of a series of articles where we discuss the state of the Camden Country Freeholders and what they could mean for YOUR tax bill in 2017.


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