Get to know Eagles head coach Doug Pederson in the NFL’s PR 2016 season guide

doug-pederson-650-362The NFL conducted interviews of every head coach for its 2016 PR guide before the start of the season to offer reporters and fans a bit of a glimpse into the side of the coaches that they might not see on Sundays.

The questions are a bit silly and don’t talk about the intricate details of football these men have to deal with on a weekly basis, but it’s an interesting study in seeing what makes these men tick outside of the football field.

We got our hands on Doug Pederson’s interview before it’s published in the PR guide and are happy to share it with you, our dear readers.

Hobbies: Staring blankly at walls for hours on end.

Last book read (& author): Farmers Almanac (Ben Franklin).

Favorite Movie: Rashomon or Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Favorite Food: Raw ears of corn picked off his grandpappy’s land.

Favorite vacation spot: The Ozarks.

Best Football Nickname: The Old Dunderhead (Doug Pederson)

Favorite College Town: College is for city boys.

Which NFL Team did you follow as a child: The backside of his daddy’s hand if he watched TV before slopping the pigs.

Favorite athlete as a child: Hillbilly Jim.

Favorite other sport: Hog tying.

Best advice ever received: “Don’t go to Philadelphia.” – Andy Reid

Person you’d like to meet: Cyrus McCormick (inventor of the mechanical reaper)

If you weren’t coaching, what would you be doing: I’d be much, much happier.


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