Anthony Gargano to change Eagles win/loss prediction roughly 5,000 times before season begins


Philadelphia, PA – The members of the 97.5 FM Morning Show team offered listeners their predictions for the Eagles 2016-2017 season record a day after the team schedules were announced.

Host Anthony Gargano predicted the Eagles would finish their season at a record of 7-9, but announced his decision to change his prediction roughly 5,000 times before the season actually begins this September.

Sweating profusely onto the mic covers, Gargano said his initial analysis of the Eagles newly released schedule did not look good for the local squad.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh it’s the best day of the year! Too bad I can’t see the Birds doing better than 7-9, am I right Jon Marks?” Gargano asked his co-host and producer. “But you never know in the NFL. You never know! Parity is the name of the game in the NFL! I could easily see them winning two more games if everything shakes out right to end up at 9-7 and NFC East champs. How about that?!”

Gargano noted that depending on his daily mood, internet rumors, injuries, the weather, how he’s feeling, or if he’s conducting an interview with a member of the Eagles roster, his prediction could range anywhere from 5-11 to 13-3.

“Cuz, cmon, it’s the Birds! The Eagles! No way they are 7-9 next year, not with my boy Sammy Bradford slinging the rock! 10-6, that’s my final prediction!” Gargano said, changing from his original prediction mere minutes after giving it.

“But then again, depending on the draft they could be 11-5. It’s a hell of a meat! Sammy throws 40 TDs next year, ohhhhhhhhhh!”

At press time, Gargano noted Doug Pederson was an upgrade at the head coaching position and the Eagles would definitely be 15-1 or 16-0 at the end of the season and would defeat the Dallas Cowboys 56-0 and 63-0 in their two season match ups.

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