City of Philadelphia: ‘The 76ers season isn’t over yet?!’

76ers logoPhiladelphia, PA – With no NCAA tournament games scheduled for Monday, and during intermission between the first and second period of a pivotal Flyers game against the New York Islanders, the overwhelming majority of Philadelphia sports fan expressed their surprise that the Philadelphia 76ers 2015-2016 season had not yet concluded.

An entire city worth of sports fans, who clicked over to The Comcast Network to catch a repeat of Daily News Live, were shocked to see the 76ers in the middle of a third quarter bout against the Indiana Pacers.

Bewildered “whats?” rang throughout the brownstone homes up and down Lombard Street.

“Has to be a repeat. Is this Philly Sports Classics? Elton Brand is on the bench,” every single denizen of South Philadelphia asked itself. “No, that’s Nerlens Noel. Is this live? It is? I thought the draft lottery was like next week. Is Elton Brand a player coach now or something?”

Thousands upon thousands of puzzled fans googled the 76ers and were shocked to see the 76ers still had 12 games remaining on their schedule. Scoffs were heard throughout the city as they saw the 76ers were a paltry 9-61.

Nearly 100% of fans expressed disbelief that Carl Landry was indeed a real member of the team and not completely made up.

“Same old Sam Hinkie. They’d better get the first pick. Is Thad Young still on the team? I wonder what’s happening on Monday Night Raw? Hey it’s in Philly, alright!” every single fan said after watching a combined 20 seconds of 76ers action before changing the channel, the most anyone has watched of the 76ers since the NHL all-star break.

Nearly every single resident of the city audibly asked “who the hell is this Sonny Weems guy?” before returning to Flyers action.

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