Report: NFL denied Roseman’s original contract offer to DeMarco Murray

102813-howie-roseman-600Philadelphia, PA – Adding further credence to Chip Kelly’s claims that he and Howie Roseman did not directly speak at all last season, a leaked report has shown the NFL front office originally denied an approved contract between the Eagles and recently released running back DeMarco Murray.

Kelly made claims today that he told a middle man about potential targets he hoped the Eagles would acquire before the 2015 season. Roseman, he said, did all of the contract negotiations.

The unapproved deal for Murray perhaps showed the schism between the two organization figures.

Murray signed with the Eagles for 5-years, $42 million, of which $21 million had been guaranteed.

The NFL reportedly did not approve a contract that would have paid Murray a “Kajillion dollars” a season.

“We did not see how we could possibly approve a contract that contained language such as ‘kajillion bajillion dollars.’ We also did not find it necessary for the deal to contain offhanded remarks about Mr. Kelly’s weight problem and how the Oregon Ducks ‘sucked.'”

At press time, a reportedly deal given to Byron Maxwell for “500 billion doll-hairs” had also been denied.

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