76ers pumped to learn they actually get to keep jerseys

76ers logoPhiladelphia, PA – Despite losing their 12th game in a row to open the 2015-2016 NBA season, morale in the 76ers locker room remained high after Brett Brown informed the team they would indeed be allowed to keep their jerseys after the season ended.

“No fooling? You mean I get to keep this jersey? That is just way too cool!” 76ers rookie TJ McConnell said to Brown. “That is so killer! I’m going to wear this everywhere I go, awesome! It even has my last name on the back of it, just like the pros wear!”

The locker room erupted in cheers when Brown also informed them that team owner Joshua Harris said they could also keep their shorts and shoes after the season came to a close.

“I bet I can at least touch rim wearing these shoes.” McConnell told his fellow rookie Jahlil Okafor. “And I run so much faster wearing these shorts.”

Second year pro Nerlens Noel was impressed, but said last year that Mr. Harris let him keep one of the balls that Lebron James shot during the shoot around prior to a game.

Harris said it was the least he could do for the team, as most of them would be traded or cut before the end of the season.

He then told the team he would treat them to a dinner at Pizza Hut and was met with uproarious applause.


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