After Twitter rant, 76ers create “Howard Eskin safe zone” around Wells Fargo Center

Public enemy #1 at the Wells Fargo Center.

Public enemy #1 at the Wells Fargo Center.

Philadelphia, PA – Scott O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia 76ers, said the team has been forced to create a “Howard Eskin free zone” around the Wells Fargo Center following the media personality’s rant on Twitter about the state of the franchise.

The 76ers perhaps took a page out of the University of Missouri’s playbook, where representatives ironically created a media-free “safe space” for student protesters, despite it being located in a public area.

“We need to be able to do our jobs without the distraction of Howard Eskin. Did you see how many tweets he levied my way this afternoon? I don’t know what to do,” a visibly shaken O’Neil said.

Employees for the 76ers, interns, and even members of the team linked arms around the center to keep Eskin away from the facility.

Eskin was prompted into his Twitter rant after O’Neil said the following about the 76ers rebuilding process:

“I would scream it. When people say, ‘You’re set back. You’re too slow,’ I’m like, ‘Have you guys lost your [expletive] minds?’ Like, seriously, this is it,” he told

Eskin then took to Twitter for the remainder of the morning, lambasting the organization for what he perceived as a faulty rebuilding process.

O’Neil said he did not feel safe in the WFC with Eskin on the loose.

“This safe zone will make South Philadelphia a better place to work and function,” he said.

“What was that?!” O’Neil nervously asked a reporter, supposedly hearing something outside in the hallway.

At press time, Eskin had successfully made his way into the WFC and was looking for O’Neil, who was cowering under his office desk.

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