Is Glen Macnow a cranky old man? We look into it…

Look at that punim!

Look at that punim!

I’m at an all day conference and I have a 30 minute break. Instead of chit chatting with potential sources who could give my career a real boost, I’ve decided to write something for my blog that makes me no money.

Five minutes ago I took to Twitter and said I would write ANY article suggested to me by a reader.

Dedicated reader KaboomKid7 came out of nowhere (a la Mankind from under the ring to drag the Undertaker down to hell) and Tweeted this story suggestion to me.

I said anything, and he was the first person to respond, so lets look into this question and determine, once and for all, if Glen Macnow is a cranky old man.

Macnow, a former 610 WIP midday host, is now a spot host when needed and Saturday morning show host with his good pal Ray Didinger. He’s been accused of being old and cranky in the past, but is he really?

First off, lets take a look at the man himself. Take a long, hard look at that picture. Is that an old man? Is that a CRANKY old man? I would say no. Perhaps he is a bit weathered, a bit LONG in the tooth, but I’d say Glen is more seasoned than old. He’s like a fine scotch….you don’t take him out of the barrel after just one year, you want to let him age to perfection.

Also, do you see that slight semblance of a grin? Like he knows something we don’t and is just waiting for us all to catch up? That is the look of a man who doesn’t take life too seriously, but stays grounded at all times.

Sure he may be a bit horseshoe bald with a shock of white hair, but that’s nothing a little Just For Men Touch of Gray couldn’t take care of (You want his energy, but you also want his experience).

Chalk one up in the “not cranky” column.

On the other hand, I do believe I have heard Glen discuss his experiences undergoing TWO total knee replacements. This suggests he has old knees, which sounds suspiciously like something an OLD man would go through. Hmmm…it’s damning evidence, but lets take a look at it closer. As far as we know he’s still on his original heart, and as they say if you’re young at heart, you’re never truly old. That’s good enough for me.

Mark one down in the “not old” column.

Finally, can a man who dabbles in beer for a living be old and/or cranky? I hope not. I wouldn’t drink beer from someone who is. Sam Adams was known to be a real cranky piece of shit back in the late 18th century, which is why hardly anyone drinks his beer in the present. Have you ever heard or seen a Samuel Adams beer outside of a history book? I don’t think so.

So, KaboomKid7, is Glen Macnow a cranky old man? We at the Coggin Toboggan would say no.

Mike Missanelli is another story altogether. He’s old, he’s cranky, and he’s a real fat piece of crap.

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