Joel Embiid kicked field goals today at Eagles walk through

JoelPhiladelphia, PA – Joel Embiid made a surprise visit to Lincoln Financial Field to visit with several members of the Philadelphia Eagles this morning for their walkthrough before their game against the New York Giants tonight.

He surprised even more onlookers as the injured center was spotted kicking several field goals during the walk through as well.

Embiid wasn’t going half speed as well, several representatives reported to the Coggin, as he had worked up “quite a sweat out there,” attempting multiple 30, 40, and 50-yard field goal attempts on the slippery surface.

The young 76ers center recently had a second surgery on his right foot, the second in two years, to take care of a stress fracture that has not let him play yet for Philadelphia. Embiid’s dedication to his rehabilitation program was called into question last week after a Sports Illustrated article revealed he shunned the healthy food provided to him by 76ers representatives and nearly came to blows with the team conditioning coach.

But Embiid didn’t seem as if the foot was bothering him, as the 7-foot center firmly planted and struck field goals with his appendage.

“Felt a bit of a pop there, no big deal I’m sure. I bet I can do better if I take off this stupid boot, then I can get a really good whack at it,” Embiid reportedly said, before shedding his doctor prescribed walking boot.

He struck several field goals without the boot, visibly wincing each time.

“Not too bad, but I bet I can do it even better bare foot,” the excited young athlete said, kicking off both of his shoes.

At press time, Embiid’s injured foot was run over by the field lining machine on two separate occasions while he ran fly routes for Sam Bradford.

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