Patrick Kane: I thought they were saying ‘Go Kane Go’

KaneChicago, IL – Embattled superstar Patrick Kane, currently under investigation for allegedly raping a woman in a Buffalo bar, said he was pleasantly surprised Wednesday evening when Philadelphia Flyers fans serenaded him with what he thought were chants of support.

Kane said he didn’t figure out what the Flyers fans were saying until midway around the third period when a teammate clued him in to the serenading chants directed his way the entire game.

“I thought they were saying ‘go Kane go.’ When (Marian) Hossa told me what they were really saying, well, that was much more hurtful,” Kane said.

Kane doubled down and said the comments were “particularly hurtful” and he didn’t understand how people could continue to do something so troubling when “I clearly wanted them to stop.”

“As the end of the game wound down I was pleading with the crowd to stop the chants. I clearly did not want them to continue, but it’s like they just took what they wanted from me and discarded me like I was garbage. It’s like I wasn’t even there. I clearly didn’t want it, but they just continued despite my pleas,” Kane said.

“Nobody has any idea what that’s like, to just have someone do something to you without your consent or your permission. It was disgusting. I hope all of them are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and finally get what’s coming to them” Kane said.

At press time, Kane’s lawyer clued him in to the irony of his comments and recommended he no longer speak to the media.

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