Unemployed Steve Weatherford spends two-hours perfecting Eagles slam tweet

Cool pose, bruh.

Cool pose, bruh.

New York, NY –  Steve Weatherford, unemployed punter, took to Twitter this afternoon and lambasted Philadelphia for its lack of championships.

The ex-professional punter, who carefully crafted and selected the wording to the numerous tweets he published yesterday and today, has plenty of time on his hands to perfect his trolling tweets as he is currently not good enough to cut it on any of the 32 NFL rosters.

The ex-punter, who is not in any way depressed or angered that no team wants his services, publicly supported the New York Giants on several social media platforms. His old team will come into Philadelphia for tonight’s Monday Night Football week 6 match up.

“Normally I wouldn’t have much time to do any of this because I’d be at practice right about now, but this year, well, I guess I have a bit more time on my hands,” Weatherford sighed, as he wistfully looked at his different colored punting cleat sitting mournfully on his mud room floor.

“Maybe the Giants will see how funny my tweets are and I can do PR for them or something? Man, I need to fill this free time in my life. The silence in my home is deafening, I can’t just fill this emptiness in me with weight lifting….I can’t,” Weatherford said to nobody in particular.

Weatherford reported that participating on Twitter is a nice break from his usual routine of quietly sobbing and watching old game tape of him punting.

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