Sam Bradford super stoked for new Battlefield Earth trailer

Sam BPhiladelphia, PA – Leading 17-7 at halftime, Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford led his team into the tunnel and sprinted into the locker room and straight to the nearest television set.

When asked what he was so excited for, Bradford said he couldn’t “wait for the new Battlefield Earth trailer.”

“It’s debuting tonight during the game, didn’t you guys hear? Boy am I excited! Travolta! Pepper! Scientology! Golly, that movies got it all doesn’t it! A great message and some great acting, I can’t wait!” he excitedly said, before clicking the tv on.

Bradford’s face dropped when he saw the newest trailer was indeed for the new Star Wars movie, not Battlefield Earth.

B Earth

Sam Bradford’s favorite movie, Battlefield Earth.

“Oh come on, I don’t want to use foul language, but what is this gosh darn sugar? Nobody cares about Star Wars anymore, Battlefield Earth is where it’s at, isn’t that right gang?” he said, teammates trying to suppress smirks and giggles at his disappointment.

Bradford visibly pouted on his locker room stool while Eagles coaches tried to get him focused for the second half of the game, reminding him he still had two quarters to go.

“I’m just super ticked. I was all excited to stay up late, watch the new trailer, and now I’m watching Han Solo talk to his wookie or something. This sucks.”

Chip Kelly told sideline reporters that Bradford tended to get cranky if he was allowed to stay up past his 8:30 p.m. bedtime.

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