Hitting the wall and hitting it hard (random thoughts about this past week)

bricks.jpgFor the past week I’ve been traveling for work and I’ve quickly found that trying to update this blog while on the road is extremely difficult. I’m sure most of you who actually read this blog have noticed it too, since most of what I’ve written is garbage and just out of necessity to get something on the page each day.

If I wasn’t lazy I would delete the Jeremy Affeldt/City of Philadelphia article published yesterday. It’s garbage and not funny.

Currently I’m slogging through the last (merciful) hour of this convention and looking back on topics I wanted to write about this week, but my fried brain just couldn’t put anything together.

Howard Eskin running for mayor: Yesterday, Howard Eskin announced on Twitter he was considering a run for the Mayor of Philadelphia. How could I not think of anything funny to write about this topic? It’s Howard Eskin running for mayor, it practically writes itself. All I could think about was Howard running for the “Beard Party.” I suck.

Jeremy Affeldt: Yes I did write about it yesterday but it’s so god damn awful I want a redo. An actual City of Philadelphia just saying mean things to Affeldt? Yeah that’s not funny. I apologize to Jeremy Affeldt (no I don’t).

Hurricane Joaquin: A hurricane which may/may not be named after Joaquin Phoenix? It’s right there for the taking, but after starting and stopping about five times the idea was abandoned. It vexes me. I’m terribly vexed.

Phillies season coming to a close: I wrote a terrible article about Gregg Murphy being encased in carbonite or some stupid shit. I originally confused David Murphy for Gregg Murphy in the article until corrected by a friend who read it out of mercy.

I did enjoy writing the headline for the Caleb Sturgis article, but the article fizzled out after I made the same joke 800 times throughout.

The only thing I was proud of putting out there this week was the Broad Street Media article. If you’re not aware, the great alt-publication, the Philadelphia City Paper, was purchased by BSM.

Read it here if you’re interested.

The company immediately announced it would shutter the publication and not make its archives available online or sell them to another institution. Why did they do this? Because they said the City Paper is direct competition to its other publication, Philadelphia Weekly.

Full disclosure, I worked for Broad Street Media as an editor for nearly two years and it was the worst professional experience I’ve ever had in my life. Ownership was extremely meddlesome with the journalism side of the business and constantly tried to infuse advertising in all aspects of the papers.

Just look at the Philadelphia Weekly cover from a few months back that was nothing more than a giant advertisement for vaping. That’s them in a nutshell.

If you’re interested in this story or telling Broad Street Media how much they suck, give them a call at 856-779-3800 and ask to speak with the publisher Perry Corsetti. Let him know that what they’re doing to the City Paper is wrong.

Hopefully we’ll be funnier next week.

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