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Hitting the wall and hitting it hard (random thoughts about this past week)

bricks.jpgFor the past week I’ve been traveling for work and I’ve quickly found that trying to update this blog while on the road is extremely difficult. I’m sure most of you who actually read this blog have noticed it too, since most of what I’ve written is garbage and just out of necessity to get something on the page each day.

If I wasn’t lazy I would delete the Jeremy Affeldt/City of Philadelphia article published yesterday. It’s garbage and not funny.

Currently I’m slogging through the last (merciful) hour of this convention and looking back on topics I wanted to write about this week, but my fried brain just couldn’t put anything together.



Broad Street Media announces plans to acquire Liberty Bell, slap some ads on it

The next target of Broad Street Media?

The next target of Broad Street Media?

Philadelphia, PA – Just a day after acquiring the Philadelphia City Paper and announcing it would shutter the publication and delete most of its archives, ownership representatives for Broad Street Media revealed they have their eyes on acquiring another Philadelphia institution.

Perry Corsetti, publisher for Broad Street Media, confirmed the company will make a serious play at acquiring the Liberty Bell. If successful, Corsetti noted the company planned to “slap some advertisements all over that bad boy.”

“Why should people get to enjoy the Liberty Bell when it’s a direct competitor to us? Sure we could leave I t like it is, people do love it, but how would that make us money? When I look at the bell, I can’t but help to think that we could bring in some fabulous revenue by selling ads on all that open space. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the front, or the cover of the bell, if you will. It’s not that big of a deal, it’s just an old, run down bell, nobody cares. We know best,” Corsetti said, dollar signs spinning through his sunken, sallow eyes.