Patriots forced to release Donovan McNabb puking blooper reel

mcnabbPhiladelphia, PA – After ESPN released a massive, hard hitting story on Tuesday afternoon detailing the scope of the New England Patriots alleged efforts to cheat from 2000 to 2007, illegal videos taped by Patriots employees have started to surface as the investigation digs deeper.

Despite multiple fan and player accounts accusing the Patriots of stealing Eagles signals during the 2004 Super Bowl, no such videos or evidence have yet to surface.

However, a Kraft Productions video tape of the Eagles during the Super Bowl did surface yesterday and has brought the city down to its core.

Entitled, “Donovan McNabb Super Bowl Puke-a-Rama,” the two-and-a-half minute, professionally edited video shows new angles confirming the Eagles quarterback puking during the fourth quarter of the Eagles comeback attempt.

The video clearly shows McNabb puking with footage obviously taken from several different cameras in both the Patriots and Eagles sideline. Each cut features a “star wipe” to another several second clip of McNabb hurling his brains out on the field as his teammates look on in disgust.

It also features a special commentary track, with New England Head Coach Bill Belichick sharing his thoughts on the action.

“Look at this asshole. How did we not beat them by more?” Belichick is heard once on the video. “Awwww does little Donny have a tum-tum ache? Drink some Gatorade, take out the tampon, and try not to puke on fat-fuck Andy Reid’s shoes when you sluff off the field after you throw the game clinching INT.”

As of press time, Terrell Owens was frantically calling media outlets to share his opinion on the footage, but nobody was returning his call.

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