Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Doug Pederson to start calling in plays now to ensure they reach Bradford by game time


Doug Pederson feels he has a good play-calling system in place now.

Philadelphia, PA – On the morning of their first 2016 preseason contest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, newly minted Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson has begun the process of sending in his first series of plays to quarterback Sam Bradford, with the hope that they’ll arrive by the start of the game.

Pederson, who has already faced criticism from fans and the media for his antiquated method of calling a play into the offense, said he has corrected his methods.

“We reviewed our play calling process and we feel like we really have the system down now. Should be a good game tonight, better start calling in those plays now,” Pederson said.


SEPTA officials urging riders to get in line now for Eagles pre-season opener

septa-trainPhiladelphia, PA – Due to massive delays on most of its services, SEPTA officials are urging Eagles fans to get in line now if they hope to make it into the city on time for the first pre-season game on Thursday, Aug. 11.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority has faced tremendous criticism from riders after the company recently sidelined 120 Silverliner V cars, a third of the coaches in its regional rail system, after defects were found in the suspension systems.