The end of an Eagles season and the start to a lot of Eagles questions

The Coggin Toboggan is officially a Chiefs fan site now. Just bathe us in red and gold, we’re all in the on the Chiefs and big Andy capturing that elusive Super Bowl ring. He deserves it more than any of the remaining three teams still in this god forsaken playoff stretch.

After the first Super Bowl in franchise history, the Eagles fell short in the Divisional Round against the #1 seed Saints, 20-14. It was a little colder this morning, a little grayer, at the thought of the Saints moving on to fake the Rams in the NFC Championship.

You have to hand it to the Saints. They put up 20 points against a completely battered defense that was down to playing Linc stadium security in the secondary against a hall of fame quarterback.

It’s fine. The balm of Super Bowl LII takes the sting out of another playoff loss. Sure, it burns a little more that fat boy Sean Payton beat them again after running up the score earlier this year, but it is what it is.

We can all take solace in the idea of him suffering some sort of cardiac event leading up to the NFC championship. Nothing serious, but just a little something to really put the fear of god into him. It seems only fair.

But the end of the road puts the Eagles firmly onto the Turnpike of Questions. This roster, suddenly, is on rocky ground.


Hey Eagles, you want this Evan Turner signed mini-ball? Win three fucking games

Well well well, Sean Payton, two can play at this game.

Fat boy Sean Payton reportedly wheeled $265,000 and the Lombardi Trophy into a meeting this week, challenging his team to win “three fucking games” if they wanted the trophy and the Super Bowl victory bonus.

Some would call it a masterclass in motivation. Others would call it a cheap ploy to garner attention by a chubby coach who has done less with more than any other coach in NFL history.

Well you know what? I don’t see any New Orleans fans offering up anything of sentimental value to their team if they win this Sunday. So the Coggin Toboggan is announcing that we will officially bequeath this Evan Turner signed mini-ball to all members of the Philadelphia Eagles if they win this Sunday.

What an honor!


Snickers the Possum no longer works for this company, but we found a replacement

Snickers the Possum.

Snickers the Possum.

Editor’s Note: Snickers the Possum was one of the worst football analysts we have ever seen. What were we thinking? A possum that speaks who tries to use his powers to analyze football games? He was just AWFUL. All four game predictions incorrect, just horrible puns and jokes about being a possum….he just could not have been more annoying and irritating. Not to mention the days he would come into the office and lie on the floor for hours at a time, pretending to be dead….WE KNOW YOU’RE ALIVE SNICKERS, STOP KIDDING YOURSELF.

Now we’re not saying Snickers the Possum will never come back, he very well may come back at a later date, but right now we think  it’s time to make a change. So without further delay, we’d like to introduce our newest football analyst….


Suspicions on the rise after another possible daily fantasy sports scandal

draftkings-vs-fanduel-1024x512Just a week after DraftKings and FanDuel came under fire for an employee using inside information to win thousands of dollars in fantasy football, another possible scandal has reared its ugly head and may further damage the reputation of both daily fantasy sports companies.

News broke this morning of a FanDuel employee winning $500,000 in week 5 of the fantasy football season. Week 5 is scheduled to kick off this Thursday night with the Colts vs. Texans.

FanDuel employee John Livingston won a $500,000 contest for week 5 with a perfect lineup. An investigation is underway to determine if Livingston had any inside information to win the contest before the games were actually played.