The end of an Eagles season and the start to a lot of Eagles questions

The Coggin Toboggan is officially a Chiefs fan site now. Just bathe us in red and gold, we’re all in the on the Chiefs and big Andy capturing that elusive Super Bowl ring. He deserves it more than any of the remaining three teams still in this god forsaken playoff stretch.

After the first Super Bowl in franchise history, the Eagles fell short in the Divisional Round against the #1 seed Saints, 20-14. It was a little colder this morning, a little grayer, at the thought of the Saints moving on to fake the Rams in the NFC Championship.

You have to hand it to the Saints. They put up 20 points against a completely battered defense that was down to playing Linc stadium security in the secondary against a hall of fame quarterback.

It’s fine. The balm of Super Bowl LII takes the sting out of another playoff loss. Sure, it burns a little more that fat boy Sean Payton beat them again after running up the score earlier this year, but it is what it is.

We can all take solace in the idea of him suffering some sort of cardiac event leading up to the NFC championship. Nothing serious, but just a little something to really put the fear of god into him. It seems only fair.

But the end of the road puts the Eagles firmly onto the Turnpike of Questions. This roster, suddenly, is on rocky ground.

Foles and Wentz will get all the publicity, but there are holes all over this team with impending free agency, retirements, and injuries that will have to be dealt with leading into next year.

Jason Kelce sounds like he is actually considering retiring. Jason Peters is likely done. Brandon Brooks tore his Achilles yesterday and could miss all of next year. That’s three out of five of your starting line that you’re going to have to replace. Sure, Big V or Wiz can be plugged in, but all of your depth is gone.

The Eagles still don’t have a viable running back on this roster. Smallwood is not a starter in this league. Josh Adams is a plodder. Donnell Pumphrey is one of God’s greatest mistakes. Darren Sproles will likely retire. Will they sign Le’Veon Bell? Do you trust Howie to accurately identify running back talent in the draft? Throw a few bucks at Ajayi and hope his price stays down coming off an ACL tear?

Do you keep Golden Tate III? What do you want to do long term with Nelson Agholor? Bring back Mike Wallace?

Cripes…and that’s just on the offensive side. On the defensive side of the ball? Fuck me…Howie had better get his slide ruler out and work some magic.

Brandon Graham is likely gone in free agency. Chris Long may retire. Will Derek Barnett, coming off a serious injury, be able to adequately replace what they’re losing on the line?

The linebacking corp needs to be upgraded desperately. Hicks is a major question mark with his health, Bradham is fine, but is KGB your every down answer?

The secondary, which I think all of us considered the team’s biggest strength at the start of the year, is unquestionably their weakest link. What do you have? Do you trust Cre’Von LeBlanc to actually continue his miraculous run into next year? Sidney Jones showed next to nothing this year coming back from his own Achilles injury and was perpetually hurt throughout the season when he did play.

Avonte Maddox will certainly play a role next year. Malcolm Jenkins will be back. What about Rasul Douglas? Darby? Rodney McLeod? Do you bring back the latter two injured members of the secondary and hope they regain any of their old form?

It’s not pretty. We just have to hope Howie channels all of his nerd powers into freeing up cap space and suddenly becomes a draft guru while we’re watching the terrible 76ers drool all over themselves and the Phillies strike out in landing any of the big free agents still out in the market.

Fabulous. I’ve managed to depress myself even more this morning.

Oh well. At least we still have the Flyers to pin our hopes on, right?

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