Josh Huff

Who will make our Eagles picks this week?

Barfffffffff. Well, at least our guest picker got ONE prediction right last week, as Tony Romo correctly predicted the Cowboys would beat the Eagles, but the Eagles would not cover the spread.

You know Dak Prescott would have predicted the Cowboys would have beaten the Eagles AND covered the spread. What? I’m just saying is all, not trying to create any undue controversy with the Cowboys.

This week, the Eagles (+2.5) are going up the Turnpike to take on the hated New York Giants and their cast of unlikable wide receivers. You’d better believe Mike Missanelli has his Twitter account primed and ready to fire off any number of offensive tweets when Victor Cruz suffers another season ending injury.  I’m sure he’ll try to interject some crude racial humor in a “jokey tweet” and then blame it on being Italian.

“Ehhhhhh come on now! Dats just like a my momma used to tweet, I know-a-no better den that! Mama Mia, I am in some a trouble.”

Can’t wait.

Win/loss prediction results: 3-4

Against the spread: 3-4


Josh Huff dropped a “Do you know who I am?” on his arresting officer

b80e8530Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff was arrested for allegedly speeding on the Walt Whitman Bridge with marijuana and a handgun this past night and faces stiff penalties from the city.

The city police report, obtained by the Coggin Toboggan, cited that the arresting officer was going to let Huff go on a warning, but was perturbed when the athlete dropped a “Do you know who I am?” while he was being detained.

“I was set to release Mr. Huff on his own recognizance after declaring he was not a danger to himself or anyone in the area, but Mr. Huff became perturbed at my perceived mistreatment and asked me if I ‘knew who he was’ during the arrest,” The arresting officer said in the report.

Upon recognize the underachieving wide receiver, the arresting officer immediately placed Huff place in handcuffs, slammed into the hood of the police car, arrested and now faces 45-years to life in a state penitentiary if found guilty of drug and hand gun possession.

An Eagles team representative said the potential jail time is “tough, but fair,” and the organization would not be providing Huff with a lawyer.