Maybe the Practice Squad Should Just Play Out the Rest of the Season?

Looks like we have a real “Replacements” type situation on our hands, as it seems the only members of the Eagles roster who actually want to play out the rest of year are those who languished on the practice squad for the entirety of the year.

Maybe it’s not great for your talent evaluation skills when practice squad players are making more of an impact on offense than most of your high-level draft picks, ehh Howie?

It was a mess from the get go last night. Alshon Jeffery graced the Eagles with his presence for less than a quarter before getting hurt, but not before making sure to get caught on camera during a nationally televised game with worse body language than when Alex Smith’s tibia sling-shotted out of his leg and clattered around the multitude of empty low-level seats at FedEx Field (one lucky fan’s got a souvenir to cherish forever).

No Jeffery. No Nelson Agholor. No Jordan Howard. Zach Ertz remained his old steady self, mind-melding with Carson for 91-yards and two touchdowns (one game winner) when he wasn’t ignoring swaths of wide-open field in favor of falling down without being touched, but he was one of the only regulars who made an impact on the skill side of things.

The other impact player on offense? The immortal Boston Scott, who tallied 128 total yards and a touchdown on 16 touches. He out-touched, out-gained, and out-performed Miles Sanders to the utter bemusement of the millions of fans watching live who wondered why he hadn’t been featured just a SMIDGE more on a team looking for any kind of spark all year.

Scott actually looked like he wanted to play last night, looked like he was happy being on a football field. His practice squad brother Greg Ward was the other standout, who showed flashes all night (never mind the dropped touchdown pass on a perfectly thrown ball by Wentz….pay not attention to the man behind the curtain).

Something called Josh Perkins also chipped in with five catches.

These guys actually seemed like they wanted to play. They weren’t pouting (Alshon) or sulking (Alshon) or passive aggressively looking to the heavens after errant throws (Alshon). They seemed like they gave a shit, something the Eagles have missed over the last few weeks.

Ward. Scott. Perkins. They aren’t Alshon, Agholor, or Sanders, but they outperformed all three during a do-or-die game on a national spotlight.

Maybe this is something the team can actually build off of, a win that actually may (GASP) provide some kind of momentum leading to a postseason run.

Or maybe Agholor and Alshon will come back next week and it will be the same old bullshit as the rest of the season. Who knows?

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