The Eagles are multi-faceted in their ineptitude

A popular Twitter argument raged on yesterday, and likely will continue to rage on for years after all of us are dead and buried. Is the franchise quarterback Carson Wentz shouldering enough of the blame for yet another Eagles loss? Sure he played a nice game, but when it mattered in the end the team came up short.

Fifty years from now we’ll be hunched over our iPhones, spines crooked with age, shrunken shoulders in our Dawkins jerseys hate-tweeting each other over the perceived or non-perceived slights of Wentz.

Oh my sweet fellow fans. If only it were so cut and dry….if only we could pinpoint one aspect of this putrid, puss-ridden franchise that was deserving of all our ire and barbs it would be so much easier.

You can fix one wall of a crumbling piece of infrastructure and it will be sturdy in time if you have a competent builder. Two walls can be difficult, and it will certainly take more time, but it can be done.

Three walls is nearly impossible. Four walls and it’s only a matter of time before it all comes crumbling down on the architect and engineers who have been skimming off the top, cheaping out on materials, and hiring shoddy construction firms tasked with building everything up from scratch.

Yesterday in Miami it all came crumbling down, and sad to say, it wasn’t just because of Wentz. It wasn’t just because of the defense. It wasn’t just because of the coaches or the non-existent adjustments made to fend off defeat from a Dolphins franchise so desperate to beach itself that it traded off anything that wasn’t nailed down to the floor.

No, everything came crumbling down, leaving construction firm owner Jeffrey Lurie with yet another decision to make, one he definitely didn’t think he’d have to make so soon after winning the Super Bowl in 2017.

The Eagles aren’t just poor at one facet of the game, they’re inept at every facet. They have all the facets of ineptitude covered week in and week out.

Can this be rebuilt or does it all have to be razed and a new engineering firm be brought in (yet again) to figure out a better way for this all to be built?

Who knew that this had all been built on a crumbling, sandy foundation? It miraculously held sturdy in 2017, started to erode and developed serious cracks in 2018, and was patched together with rubber cement and paper mache for 2019.

We all hoped it would hold, hoped enough had been done, but we were conned.

So now where is this team? A franchise quarterback that, at best, seems to have half of the locker room behind him. A franchise quarterback who, let’s face it, seems to shrink during big moments of his career. A wide receiver corp that can’t catch. A secondary that doesn’t lack in confidence but certainly lacks in talent and coverage ability.

What can be salvaged? Or does it all need to be destroyed and built again, brick by brick?

I wish I knew.

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