If you booed the Eagles you’re a real dope

Chase Utley put it best, booing Eagles fans.

“Boo? Fuck you.”

This wasn’t Chip Kelly running sweeps with DeMarco Murray out of the shotgun for a 2-yard-loss every first down. This wasn’t Andy Reid blowing another NFC Championship. This wasn’t the Eagles losing 42-0 to the Seahawks.

No. This was the defending Super Bowl champions getting booed by a smattering of morons (just a smattering, but an AUDIBLE smattering on the broadcast) after just one half of regular season football seven months after the franchise finally won us a Super Bowl.


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PEOPLE. This isn’t about passion or “letting the team know” when they’re playing like shit. They know they were playing like shit. My 2-year-old knows they were playing like shit. The corpse of Buddy Ryan knows they were playing like shit. It didn’t matter.

I can’t even say act like you’ve been there before, because we literally have never been here before. Let’s do something different. We’ve been in plenty of situations where we should boo, but last night? After only 30 minutes of football in a Super Bowl defending season? It’s beyond stupid.

Granted, did they deserve to get booed? Fuck yes they did. Less than 100 yards of offense in the first half would say they definitely did, I wanted to smash my head through a mirror and scream curses throughout my sleepy neighborhood….BUT HASN’T THIS REGIME GARNERED SOME KIND OF LEEWAY, SOME GOODWILL FROM THE MASSES?

The only acceptable reaction at the game was frustrated silence or quiet murmuring. They weren’t getting blown out, the defense was playing well…boos were IDIOTIC.

We don’t need to have this chip on our shoulders anymore. Let’s turn the page, let’s flip the switch, turn over a new leaf, insert another terrible cliche here to mark a change in our attitude and actions.

Am I saying never boo? Am I saying Philadelphians should retire the boo and be blank-faced stooges like Cowboys fans or Seahawks fans? FUCK NO. That’s like telling a dog not to eat the trash and throw up on the carpet, or Gabe Kapler not pinch-hitting Pedro Florimon in a key situation where he will surely fail…it’s not in our nature.

If this team is 4-7 and has given up on the season 10 weeks from now, then boo away. Boo to your hearts content. Boo so loudly and so strongly you stroke out and burden your family with costly medical bills for the rest of your wretch life. Whip a paint can at Doug Pederson’s head for all I care (please don’t do that), but let’s give this team the benefit of the doubt right here and right now.

Reserve the boo like you would reserve the good brand of paint thinner to huff in the Jetro Lot before games. You don’t want to break it out for just any old occasion, it needs to be special, it needs to mean something.

But booing when the team is losing by 3 points in the first half of the first game after the first Super Bowl winning season this city has ever experienced?! NO. BOO.


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