Howard Eskin has gone full heel and there is nobody better in Philadelphia

Howard Eskin has gone from radio jackass nobody liked to full-on Philadelphia sports heel and nobody is doing a better job in the Philadelphia media than he is right now.

It’s not even close. Is there anyone more entertaining right now than Eskin? Especially on Twitter? Whether he’s HILARIOUSLY misspelling names (Cluff Lee is an all-timer) or randomly picking fights with loser wide receivers from the Cowboys, everything he touches turns to gold.

Who would cultivate a week-long beef with no-name Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley and subsequently choke slam him through a barbed wire table (metaphorically) just HOURS after the Eagles demolished the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.

Who does this other than heel Howard? He is a full on WWF heel…picking on the weak and defenseless in order to put himself over….and he’s doing it in the most entertaining way possible.

Cole Beasley isn’t even good! He’s not even the third best receiver on the team…why waste so much time and effort into rubbing the face of an ineffective wide receiver that nobody outside of Dallas gives two shits about into a loss?

Beasley is a big fat nobody. Howard is the king of sports media.

All hail heel Howard.

Heel Howard doesn’t care…and if you’re selling Eskin stock I am buying all I can carry right now.

I’ll meet you at Ponzio’s for a bite, Howard, we can talk about your next twitter beef with some loser on the Chicago Bears. Might I suggest Kendall Wright? He seems like a loser that is RIPE for humiliation.

Heel Howard is the best. Keep tweeting out mean, degrading insults to players. Throw some salt in Angelo Cataldi’s eyes the next time you see him. Clock Jon Marks in the head with the ring bell when the ref isn’t looking.

Keep being you, Howard, and this city will love you forever.


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