Angelo Cataldi shows up to 94 WIP offices in brand new “Trust the Process” t-shirt

060512-Angelo-Cataldi-400Angelo Cataldi surprised co-workers Monday morning when the host of the 94 WIP Morning Show came into work sporting a black t-shirt adorned with Sam Hinkie’s face and the slogan “Trust the Process” printed across its backside.

Cataldi, who once wrote in a column, “Above all, Hinkie was a loser,” feigned surprised when co-workers questioned his choice of apparel.

“This? I’ve had this for a long time, bought it a few years ago. I love Sam Hinkie, you guys know that, I’ve always said this,” he said, as he hastily tore off a price tag he had missed.

“Hinkie died for our sins! Come on, I’ve always loved the Process, without it there’s no way they would ever had gotten Fultz. Great move. Hinkie is a great guy, better person.”

Cataldi continued to plead with fellow co-hosts and callers throughout the day about his fandom for the 76ers, calling himself the “original supporter of Hinkie and the Process,” despite once describing him as a “false hero to many irrational fans“.

“I never called him a snake oil salesman, never, next caller,” he said, as he hung up on another listener who attempted to call him on his hypocrisy and bullshit.

“I’ve always said he was rebuilding the right way. As I remember it, nobody except for me supported him when he decided to stockpile assets. Genius!” He said, as Rhea Hughes stared at an XXL sticker still on the back of his shirt.

At press time, a sullen Cataldi had to listen to Hinkie call him a “fat cunt” after he called him on his cellphone and attempted to get him on the show.

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