Eagles employee who ordered Rocky theme played during crucial in-game moment hailed as hero

hqdefaultPhiladelphia, PA – The Redskins had just ripped off a killer touchdown to put the visiting team up 27-22 over the Eagles with less than two-minutes to play in yesterday’s NFC East clash. Even though the Redskins failed on their two-point conversion attempt, spirits were rock bottom in the stands and on the field for Philadelphia.

Something needed to be done. Someone needed to stand up and do what was right.

That person was Nancy McClain, a 10-year employee of the Eagles in-game entertainment division, who in a moment of absolute brilliance suggested dusting off the old Rocky soundtrack LP sitting in the corner of the PA booth and piping it through the speakers of Lincoln Financial Field.

“I thought she was crazy. Surely nobody would want to hear that old fossil played during a crucial in-game moment, especially when the Eagles were at such a low point. Who even remembers that movie in this city, anymore? I thought it was insanity,” said Norman Vossschulte, director of Fan Experience.

“But in a moment of weakness I allowed it. We cringed when those first few notes crackled through the system and over the crowd, I was sure I was going to lose my job, but then something wondering happened,” Vossschulte said.

“They responded. Everyone.”

Perhaps touched by the nostalgia of the film that hadn’t been mentioned or thought about in Philadelphia since the 70s, an energy washed over the assembled fans who began to buzz with excitement at the prospect of the underdog Eagles pulling off the upset of a lifetime.

The roar of the crowd when Bill Conti’s theme picked up was not lost on the Eagles.

“It was great. Whoever decided to play that song at that moment deserves a promotion. I mean, come on, who would have thought to play the Rocky theme when we needed a boost? In this city of all places? Come on now…that was brilliant,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said.

Unfortunately, life imitated art as the Eagles couldn’t pull off the comeback and fell to the Redskins after a Wentz fumble.

But, the date will forever be enshrined in sports lore as the first, and very well last, time the Rocky theme was used to inspire a Philadelphia sports crowd.

“It was perfect, absolutely perfect, but using it again would just cheapen the effect. Nope, that LP is going back in the closet. Playing it again and again would only make it a complete joke and stereotype the fanbase and the city,” Vossschulte said.

However, the longtime employee did have a twinkle in his eye when asked if it would be played ever again at the Linc.

“Never say never.”

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