Elated Gerald Henderson thought MVP chants were for him



Philadelphia, PA – An over the moon Gerald Henderson beamed as he spoke with reporters after the 76ers season opening loss to the Thunder, as the new shooting guard said he could hardly believe the welcome the fans game him and love they showed him throughout last night’s contest.

“You hear things about these fans when you’re not playing in the city, but let me tell you, they’re class acts. Those MVP MVP MVP chants they were giving me last night? I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that,” Henderson said, mistaking the obvious chants directed to new star in the making Joel Embiid as directed at him.

All eyes were on Embiid as he made his long-awaited regular season debut. Fans took the opportunity to serenade him with MVP chants and “Trust the Process” chants throughout the game, all of which Henderson believed were for him.

At several points in the night, Henderson put a cupped hand to his ear a la Allen Iverson, asking the crowd to give him more.

Nobody seemed to notice.

At press time, a single tear ran down Henderson’s face as he quickly packed his gym bag after a reporter told him the chants were meant for Embiid.

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