Hey, has anyone made the Kirk Cousins is the next Nick Foles joke yet?

Kirk CousinsKirk Cousins did not play well last night against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which did not sit well with many Redskins fans after the organization labeled him with the franchise tag.

His performance reminded us of another quarterback who came off a career year and didn’t quite live up to expectation. It seems like a great joke, comparing Kirk Cousins to Nick Foles, but do you think it’s been done yet? I’m not sure.

Well let’s check Twitter and see, shall we?

(Not off to a great start. Sam Donnellon is a hack, so if he tweeted it I’m sure many, many others did.  I like how he had to quality that Kirk Cousins is the NFL SEASON’S version of Nick Foles, lest we thought he was the NBA’s version of Nick Foles)

(Damnit, another one. Not looking good. By the way, I’m sure Kirk Cousins has actually met Nick Foles before in real life.)

(Hashtag city, yet no use of the NFL’s approved, official team hashtags? Weak.)

(I think if you’re going to use this joke you would have had to use it last season, you know, when Kirk was good)

(Points for originality, but when the clock struck midnight did Cinderella have to spend the rest of her days in the pumpkin patch?)

(Love this one. The alliteration really shows they put a lot of thought into this tweet, about as much as I put into this “column” this morning)

(Everyone on Twitter very much liked that already)

(Nice! Two for one shot on Kurt Coleman. Take that, ex-Eagles.)

(Strong use of the literally qualifier)

(NFL Argentina check in, thanks amigos. This roughly translates to, “Kirk Cousins is a piece of shit just like Nick Foles. Firsties.”)

(Last but not least, of course we made a Kirk Cousins/Nick Foles joke. We suck, just like the rest of you)

Whew….well that was fun. it’s not original, but I think we can all agree that Kirk Cousins is indeed the next coming of Nick Foles, Nick Foles 2.0, a poor mans Nick Foles, will be spending time in the pumpkin patch with Nick Foles, es una puta madre, and a one-hit wonder.



  1. I thought jokes were supposed to be funny? Why am I not laughing! Oh, that is right…….these “jokes” were written by idiots who think they know all about quarterbacks.
    I hope they know all about KARMA…..she has already started biting the as*es of the Rams for what they did to Nick.

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