Philadelphia can’t wait to turn on Carson Wentz

NFL: Preseason-Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles

Enjoy it now, Wentzy boy.

Carson Wentz looks like the real deal. After a stunning debut in Eagles green, the rookie quarterback is firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of Eagles fans throughout the city.

And boy oh boy, when they decide to turn on him it’s going to be something special.

Remember when Nick Foles was the savior? When Chip Kelly had an offense that the NFL couldn’t figure out? We were all crowing about how the Eagles were a jump ahead of the rest of the league.

But good god. Two years later Chip Kelly was run out of town after being tarred and feathered for his insane personnel moves and inability to change up his system after the NFL figured him out. Nick Foles was traded for Sam Bradford, of all people, and showed just how terrible he really was with a putrid season in St. Louis.

But Foles was not the second overall pick. Kelly was a goober from college that nobody really trusted in this city.

Wentz….Wentz has the city riding high on his shoulders and it’s going to be a real shame to see how the fans and media react after that one inevitable game that he throws for 110 yards and two interceptions. He’s a rookie….it’s going to happen and he can’t play the Browns every week.

When that happens Philly will EXPLODE. Angelo Cataldi will declare the Bradford trade to be a disaster and Wentz to not have “it.”

The fans will froth at the mouth and wish for the days of Sammy B. Doug Pederson will be hung up by his Buster Browns.

But you know what? It’s every Philadelphians god given right to overreact to a stellar performance and then overreact in the completely opposite direction when the athlete has an inevitable let down game. It’s fine!

I mean, we won’t overreact, because we’re smart, but you will. You ALWAYS do.

Good luck Carson. The winter is going to be cold, gray, and it’s going to last you for the rest of your life.

Welcome to Philadelphia!



  1. “Nick Foles was traded for Sam Bradford, of all people, and showed just how terrible he really was with a putrid season in St. Louis”. WHY do you so-called Football experts keep bringing up Nick’s 2015 season, but NO ONE ever explains why he was so terrible. Do a little homework behind the scenes of the Rams organization. See how Nick was used as a pawn in a game of greed and deception rather than the game of football! Check into the mid century offensive plays of a washed up coach. The Rams NEVER expected Nick to succeed or survive. Once they made their move and accomplished their goal, Nick was expendable. They got their “golden boy”, a definite Mr. Hollywood” type. Nick is now where he should be, with a team, a real TEAM. Back with a REAL coach. He may be 2nd. string, but he is happy. I am a life long Eagles fan and do wish Carson Wentz all the best, but I will never forgive or forget the mistreatment of Nick. Yes, Philadelphia fans can turn on you in a heartbeat. They may be passionate as long as things are going well. But unlike myself, who goes with the flow and takes the good with the bad, too many so-called fans or only along for a fair weather ride!


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