Marvin Harrison critical of Philadelphia fans, praises city’s lax attitude towards murder in HOF speech

2016 Hall of Fame Football

Marvin Harrison had some harsh words for Philadelphia and its fans.

Canton, Ohio – Oh boy Philadelphia, if you haven’t heard wide receiver Marvin Harrison’s Hall of Fame Speech this weekend you may just want to skip this article altogether.

The newly minted NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver took a shot at his hometown fans in his induction speech, criticizing their legendarily harsh attitude to Philadelphia athletes.

“I’m from Philadelphia, the home of the Eagles,” Harrison said. “If you get the coin toss wrong in Philadelphia, they want to trade you the first thing on Monday morning, so I wasn’t used to that in Indianapolis.”

The nerve of the guy!

But, to be fair, Harrison went on to say several kind things about the Philadelphia District Attorney and he praised the city for its lax attitude towards murder.

“In what city could you shoot a man after denying him entry into a bar you own, then subsequently have him murdered after he levies a civil suit against you for your actions? Not that I’m saying I did that, at all (winks to the audience). The district attorney even said the gun used to shoot (Dwight) Dixon was the same model that I was found to have in my possession. Dixon got 6-weeks probation after the shooting, I got nothing. Months later he was dead and the civil suit was dropped. What a city! Thank you Philadelphia!” Harrison said.

At the conclusion of his speech, Harrison mimed firing a gun into the air before leaving the dais.

At press time, we’d like to remind any of Harrison’s legal representation that The Coggin Toboggan is a sports satire website.


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