MLB general managers report Matt Klentak was not available at trade deadline

Matt Klentak

Netflix enthusiast and Phillies GM Matt Klentak.

Philadelphia, PA – The Phillies were expected by many to make several deals at yesterday’s trade deadline, as the young organization was rife with players that could have helped teams down the stretch into the playoffs.

Instead, the Phillies stood pat and didn’t trade a single player.

However, several Major League Baseball general managers are reporting today that Matt Klentak, the Phillies general manager, did not make himself available to phone calls all day Monday due to a “prior pressing engagement.”

Sources confirmed Tuesday that Klentak spent the entire day binge watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix and completely spaced on the 4 p.m. trade deadline.

Michael Hill, GM for the Miami Marlins, noted he called Klentak’s cell phone “at least five times” yesterday to inquire about the availability of starting pitcher Jeremy Hellickson, but was only able to successfully reach Klentak once for a brief conversation.

“All day his phone just kept going to voicemail. He finally picked up around 3:45, and we briefly started to discuss a deal before he cut me off and said something about the ‘bad men coming for Ell’ and then hung up. I don’t even know what that means,” Hill said.

After watching the final episode of the 8-hour series, Klentak had missed the 4 p.m. deadline and had 67 unanswered  calls and 34 voicemails on his iPhone.

At press time, Klentak assured the organization this would not happen again next year as long as the trade deadline didn’t interfere with the release date of the second season of “Stranger Things.”

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