You’ll get nothing today AND LIKE IT

giphy-facebook_sOh boy. Perhaps drinking until the wee hours of the morning on a Sunday night at a wedding was not the smartest thing in the world to do. Hungover? You bet. Tired? Barely keeping my eyes open at work.

I’ll never drink again (until next Saturday, when we have to go to another wedding).

So yes, MAYBE it was a tactical error to do this when I’m 33 and have a four-month-old kid. Maybe. I won’t commit to this idea, but it seems at least plausible.

I probably just have the stomach flu. Yeah, YEAH that’s it! I’M BACK BABY!


So nothing today for you, dear readers. Please do me a favor and read quietly, as I’ll be slightly dozing at my desk with my eyes open for the rest of the day (learned it in the jungles of Danang, where the enemy never slept).

So go read the Liberty Bell piece we published last week. Probably the best story we’ve ever done.

Enjoy, jerkwads.

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