Bernie Sanders: Thank you for keeping Mike Missanelli away from me during the DNC


Sanders bringing down the house at the DNC.

Philadelphia, PA – An energized Bernie Sanders appeared at the Democratic National Convention this afternoon and congratulated the city on hosting a world class event, while also having the foresight to ban blowhard and Philadelphia embarrassment Mike Missanelli from city limits for the duration.

Sanders noted that if he even caught whiff that Missanelli was trying to re-enter the city during the DNC, he would hunt him down and run him over with his campaign bus.

Sanders said the country’s democrats need to ban together to ensure Hillary Clinton is elected to the White House in November and that Mike Missanelli be tarred and feathered if he ever again step foot into the city.

“This is bigger than all of us. The goal is even bigger than the party itself. We have a job to do and we must see it through!” Sanders said in front of thousands of screaming Democrats.

“We must keep Mike Missanelli off the airwaves forever and never be forced to sit through another general knowledge Wednesday segment for as long as we live! He’s a real 24-karat loser. Do the right thing, say no to Mike this November!”

At press time, Sanders also encouraged attendees to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election if they had time, but urged them to keep their eyes on the real goal….keeping Missanelli out of the city and banning him from civilized society for the rest of his days.

“What is best for our children? I’ll tell you….what’s best for our children is for you to hurl rocks at that hack the second he steps foot back into city limits. Thank you and God Bless America.”


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