Pardon My Take says Sam Bradford’s name three times, summons Anthony Gargano to show


The lover of incredible meats.

Philadelphia, PA – After levying several shots against Big Cat and PFT Commenter for their recent GQ feature, the Pardon My Take podcast hosts summoned Fanatic Morning Show Host Anthony Gargano to their studio (apartment) after saying Sam Bradford’s name three times into their bathroom mirror.

Gargano spent the good portion of a segment this morning wondering why GQ Magazine would publish a feature on the popular podcast hosts and chastising his producer for “fawning all over Big Cat” when he met him in person.

“Two of the biggest D-bags you could ever meet, am I right?” Gargano asked his co-host Maureen Crowley Williams and producer Jamie “Silent Bro” Lynch.

He also criticized PFT Commenter for pronouncing Kevin Kolb’s last name with a hard “L.”

“That’s a violation!” Gargano bellowed into his microphone.

Because Gargano does not have much of a social media presence, the Pardon My Take hosts relied on an urban legend passed down from generations that foretold of a way to summon the portly Philadelphia sports talk host.

The Pardon My Take hosts assembled a bevy of delectable meat products, an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza and several foot-long Primo’s hoagies in the bathroom before nervously reciting the famed incantation three times into the mirror, summoning the man, the myth, the lover of incredible meats Anthony Gargano to their studio.

“WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER?” Gargano demanded after appearing  in-studio through a fog of oregano, parmesan cheese, and bruschetta oil.

The interview was cut short after the apparition of Gargano abruptly disappeared after Big Cat criticized legendary 76ers coach Larry Brown.

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