Jeremy Hellickson talks trade concerns, which teams he would accept in a deal


Hellickson knows he could be traded to a new team fairly soon.

Philadelphia, PA – Fresh off a sparking eight-inning, shutout start against the Miami Marlins, Phillies pitcher Jeremy Hellickson acknowledged today that he may be traded to a contender but would only accept a deal to a team that could forward his career.

Hellickson said he has enjoyed his time with the Phillies, but would welcome a change if the fit was right.

“If I’m traded, I want it to be on my terms to a team that can help my career in the long run,” Hellickson told reporters this morning.

When asked if that meant Hellickson would only accept a trade to a contending team that could reach the playoffs this season, Hellickson said the record didn’t necessarily matter.

“If I’m going to a team, I want a detailed map of which Pokemon have been spotted near and in the vicinity of the team’s stadium, training facility, and spring training facility. Nothing but Pidgies or Rattats? No thanks. Now, if you’ve got a Pikachu or a MewTwo around, I’ll drive myself to the airport,” Hellickson said.

While it’s been nothing but a pleasure to play at Citizens Bank Park, he said, the Pokemon pickings are fairly slim.

“I saw a Pinser the other day and ran out into the outfield to try and catch it. Knocked over Tom (McCarthy) to get out there before it disappeared. TMac understood. Tweaked his knee pretty good when he fell over,” Hellickson said.

At press time, Pete Mackanin said he would be sad to see Hellickson traded, but would be happy to never hear anything about “Caterpies” for the rest of his life.

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