Jahlil Okafor pens column blasting reporter for lack of sources


Enough is enough, says Jahlil Okafor.

The media in this city is disgusting. I wake up each and every day, shuddering as I reach for my iPhone to see what drivel reporters decide to “report” on me during a slow summer news cycle.

I get it. Newspapers are dying, you need a hook and you need something to bring in readers. Fine. But maybe do some actual reporting on a story instead of just throwing proverbial shit on the wall and seeing what sticks.

Take Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Time, for instance. He’s always citing his “sources” that say I’m unhappy with being in Philadelphia. Now he’s citing these “sources” saying that I’m upset the 76ers tried to trade me. It’s ridiculous.

Why is he hellbent on literally citing anonymous “sources” when I’ve emailed him just about every day since the end of the season TELLING him that I’m sick of playing on this team? I’m sick of him, just like I’m sick of playing for this team, let me make that perfectly clear.

Maybe he doesn’t think it’s me? Or maybe he thinks it’s just someone playing a trick on him? I’m emailing him from my personal computer and my personal email address (JOkafor@76ers.com), giving him detailed, accurate direct quotes about my dislike of playing for an organization that tried to trade me after a stellar rookie year, and he refuses to even acknowledge me?

That’s just plain laziness on his part, to not even look into the veracity of these emails. I’ve tried calling him (never gotten a call back), I’ve left him voicemails, even showed up at his house once or twice to give a sit-down interview about how I’m miserable here…and still nothing.

He’s a hack and a failure, just like this organization.

Is this what journalism is coming to in this city? You have a star player aching to unload both barrels on his coach, his GM, and his teammates and he can’t find a truthful outlet to do it from?

That’s not the Philadelphia I know. Step it up, media, I’ll be available all next season (if these bastards don’t trade me first).


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