Giancarlo Stanton unsuccessfully lobbies for new nickname after Home Run Derby


Giancarlo “Mashed Taters” Stanton.

San Diego, Calif. – After an epic home run derby in which he hit 61 home runs to take the title, Giancarlo Stanton reportedly dropped several hints to his teammates and attendees at the 2016 All Star game that he was fishing for a new nickname.

The tremendous slugger apparently was heard having several loud conversations after his victory where he described how he hit “61 mashed taters” in the derby.

“I was just mashing those taters all night long. Just long, tape-measure taters. My goodness. Just mashed tater after mashed tater out there. Hmmm…mashed taters….that has a nice ring to it. Giancarlo ‘Mashed Taters’ Stanton? That would look pretty sweet on the back of a jersey,” he told runner up Todd Frazier.

“I’m just saying is all. No big deal, just think it’s pretty cool. Mashed taters.”

Despite his best efforts, most in attendance planned to keep calling him “G Spot” after they heard David Ortiz call him that after the win.

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