Unifying post: We all hate Skip Bayless



Skip Bayless sucks, am I right? If there’s one thing in this country I think we can all agree on is that Skip Bayless is a melon-headed moron who takes up valuable time on ESPN that could be used to air repeats of dog agility races or old World’s Strongest Man competitions from the 80s.

Speaking of which, would anyone have a problem if Magnus Ver Magnusson took one of those huge stone boulders the competitors have to place on his pedestals and “accidentally” crushed Skip’s head with it? I don’t think so. We’d all applaud his efforts and his ingenuity to make it look like an “accident.”

Magnus, I salute you for taking matters into your own hands.

We’re back, baby! The Coggin Toboggan is officially back! #10 in the program, #1 in your hearts!


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