Carl Lindros to ‘make a few calls’ to Hall of Fame selection committee on behalf of son

Eric Lindros

Will this be the year Eric Lindros is elected to the NHL Hall of Fame? His father plans on it.

Toronto, Canada  – Carl Lindros, father and former agent to Eric Lindros, told his son Monday that he would “reach out” to several members of the NHL Hall of Fame Committee and “pull a few strings” to ensure Eric received his hall of fame nomination this year.

Lindros, the supremely talented center who spent the majority of his career with the Philadelphia Flyers, racked up 865 points over 760 regular season games and led the Flyers to a Stanley Cup Championship in 1997. He won the NHL’s Hart Trophy in 1995 as the league’s most valuable player, but may be remembered more for injuries derailing his career and for having two perceived “meddling” parents who steered the career of their talented boy. He also never won a Stanley Cup, which many cite as a big knock against his resume for the Hall of Fame.

Carl said to reporters this morning that Eric likely would have won “9 to 10 Stanley Cups” if then Flyers GM Bobby Clarke had listened to his suggestions for roster moves and if they hadn’t tried to “kill his son back in 1999.”

“I told Bobby (Clarke) that if he simply traded for Wayne Gretzky and Jeremy Roenick like I told him to back in 1993, the Flyers would have been great and my son would be the best of all time. What a good boy he is,” Lindros said.

“The Flyers tried to kill my son, he deserves to be in.”

Carl said he will “screech and screech” at the selection committee until they relent and accept his son into the Hall of Fame.

Despite Clarke’s assertion over the past several years that Eric Lindros deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, Carl said he was sure it was the former GM that was keeping his “precious son” out of the Hall.

“Thinks he can keep my boy out of the Hall of Fame? We’ll see about that. He’s always had it out for my Eric, but we’ll see who gets the last laugh,” Lindros muttered.

At press time, the selection committee unanimously agreed to elect Eric Lindros into the Hall of Fame on the condition that his father’s cell phone be disabled and he not attend the induction ceremony.

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