Carl Lindros: “I did it!”


Carl Lindros’s son.

Toronto, Canada – A jubilant Carl Lindros celebrated with his wife, Bonnie, in their Toronto home Monday afternoon after the NHL Hall of Fame selection committee elected Carl Lindros’s son to the hall of fame.

Lindros, who once claimed the Flyers had tried to kill his son in 1999, can finally take his place among the great, meddling hockey parents of all time.

The helicopter parent said this “made all of my personal sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears completely worth it” and that he was “very honored” to be a part of “my big day.”

“I mean, this is just beyond words. All of my hard work has finally paid off. I did it!” the beaming Carl said from his home.

Lindros said when the hall of fame called him to tell him the news, it was the happiest day of his life. By far.

“Just what a day to be Carl Lindros. This just makes it all worth it. Finally, I will be remembered with the greatest of all time. Thank you,” Lindros said.

At press time, Lindros was organizing a congratulatory party for himself and had yet to extend an invitation to Eric or Brett.

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