Mychal Kendricks: Pederson more open than Kelly, gives less enemas

091614-mychal-kendricks-600Philadelphia, PA – The differences between new head coach Doug Pederson and Chip Kelly have never been more evident than the first several days of mandatory workouts, Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks told reporters Wednesday morning.

Kendricks said the majority of the team’s veterans have already taken notice and respect Pederson’s less stringent practices, his ability to be more flexible, and the cancellation of the team’s enema program that Kelly strictly enforced for the past two seasons.

Kendricks also said the mandatory ball-and-chain players had to wear on off-days has been done away with as well.

“Doug is a player’s coach. He sees when we need a break, when we’re being pushed too hard, and he knows when to back off,” Kendricks said. “Plus, we don’t have to have multiple enemas a day. That’s a real load off.”

“Also, wearing that ball and chain when we didn’t have practice really hurt my ankle.”

When asked to go into more detail about the cancelled program, Kendricks told reporters that Kelly would “personally administer” two to three enemas a day to players he believed “needed a real cleaning out.”

Kendricks said enema administration is down about 100%  in Pederson’s camp.

“He (Chip) must have personally oversaw 60 enemas a day. You couldn’t question him. It was just a part of the job,” Kendricks said. “All I can say is I’ll never look at a bag filled with saline solution the same way again.”

At press time, reporters tried to reach Kelly for comment in San Francisco, but the new 49ers coach was busy in the locker room “administering his special medicine” to several players.



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