EXCLUSIVE: Dario Saric explains his new mustache


Don’t look right at it, you may go blind.

By DARIO SARIC – You must excuse my English, it’s not, ehh, so well at this point in time, but I am learning. I am very much looking forward to playing in the greatest city in the USA, Philadelphia, next year for the 76ers after my time is completed with the Anadolu Efes.

I do not know too much about America and the City of Brotherly Love, but my great friends have told me that American ladies, and especially ladies of Philadelphia, enjoy…ehh…how do you say in English…a long ride on the mustache?

Yes, that is it. They greatly enjoy a mustache ride and I’d like to give all the girls of my new hometown city a long mustache ride. It will be greatly enjoyable for all involved.

Dario…ehhh…Dario hardly cooks at home but is always up for eating out, ladies, and I always have Turkish Delight for dessert. Hooray!

The sloppier the better, they tell me, is the way Philadelphia ladies enjoy a mustache ride, so I wanted to get ready.

The girls of Philadelphia, my friends have told me, love to strap themselves in and take a long ride on a gentleman’s mustache to the, ehhh, how do you say….little man in the canoe that is pink?

Dario gives many of the mustache rides, ladies of Philadelphia, and let me say the water is always rough but will always get you to your final destination.

It’s always a free ride. So jump on the station next year and hold on tight. Dario needs a special little lady on this midnight trip, so grab the handlebars above my lip.

Dario will take all of the ladies of Philadelphia on a mustache ride and if you’re lucky I may even show you how well I speak Greek. Dario will see you next year! Go 76ers!


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