Ben Simmons Scouting Report (by an intern confusing him with Bill Simmons)

ben_simmons-vresize-1200-675-high-10All eyes are on the Philadelphia 76ers for the upcoming 2016 NBA draft, as the beleaguered franchise finally caught a stroke of good luck when it was awarded the first overall pick earlier this week.

Many believe the race is down to two candidates, with Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram being considered by the franchise. It seems to be an odd choice, as Ben “The Sports Guy” Simmons is well into his 40s and is a white male of average height.

With Simmons close to debuting his new website The Ringer and a new HBO show, it’s a wonder this guy has any time at all to prepare for the rigors of a full NBA season.

In fact, despite writing about sports, it’s unknown if Simmons has any athletic ability whatsoever. He never writes about actually playing sports and he has noted in several columns that he has a badly injured back.

Do the 76ers really need another fly by night prospect with injuries? I’m not sure. His writing, which is listed as one of his top-strengths as a player, is even a bit hacky and stilted at times. He could use a good editor.

He does host a fabulously popular podcast about sports as well, but it remains to be seen how this will help the 76ers on the court.

Either way, it’s an odd proposition. Why draft a professional writer? Can’t they just keep it simple and draft the best athletic prospect?

If you ask me, the 76ers should stick with Brandon Ingram. He at least has an athletic background, as he’s currently the starting running back for the New Orleans Saints.



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