Tragedy strikes 97.5 Morning Show’s Meat Locker segment


Philadelphia, PA – Tragedy befell the popular 97.5 FM Morning Show’s Meat Locker segment this morning, as host Anthony Gargano and special guest former Philadelphia Phillie Kevin Sefcik were accidentally locked in the sub zero studio and suffered varying degrees of hypothermia.

The popular segment, which sees Gargano and the 97.5 Morning Crew interview a former Philadelphia athlete from the past, is actually held in a real meat locker cooled down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit.

While setting up for the segment, the meat locker door was accidentally shut and locked by a Morning Show intern, locking Gargano and Sefcik in the frigid room.

Several staffers had warned Gargano of the inherent dangers of hosting a segment in an actual meat locker and urged him to remember that radio is “theater of the mind,” but the lover of incredible meats wouldn’t hear of it and wished to remain as method as possible.

“When the door closed and we heard it lock, we knew we were in trouble,” said Jon Marks, a producer of the show. “Anthony was still yammering on about the late 90s Phillies and didn’t quite realize what had happened, but Kevin started to panic immediately. His high pitched voice will haunt me for the rest of my days.”

Gargano and Sefcik began to pound on the door of the locker, asking to be let out as they did not have a chance to put on their heavy parkas, mittens, and hats necessary for the interview.

“Yo cuz, c’mon it’s cold in here. No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it’s COLD in here. C’mon bro, get me out!” Gargano could be heard, as he smashed his paw on the heavy freezer door. “It’s colder than South Philly after an Eagles playoff loss, right bro!? Chip Kelly just didn’t get this town, right cuz?”

At press time, Gargano and Sefcik were broken out of the meat locker after being subjected to the freezing temperatures for more than 45 minutes. On his way out of the studio to be transported to an emergency room, Gargano attempted to grab a microphone with his pitch black frost bitten hands to get in one last Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza live read before the show ended.


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