Sam Bradford: ‘Doesn’t anyone care about my needs?’

031115_bradford_600Philadelphia, PA – Day two of Sam Bradford returning to practice with the Philadelphia Eagles resulted in much of the same as day one, with the temperamental quarterback openly pouting in the locker room and loudly having cell phone conversations with his “besties” well within earshot of his teammates.

The quarterback didn’t openly complain about how he was treated to his teammates or the front office, but could be heard grumbling to himself as the team ran through drills that “nobody cares” about “what I want” out of this situation.

Misty eyed, Bradford excused himself from training and headed back up the tunnel to the NovaCare locker room.

“It’s just like, it’s just like I’m invisible, you know? Everyone wants to see the new guy, see him throw…everyone is shaking his hand, laughing, joking, it’s like I’m yesterday’s news. Doesn’t anyone care about my needs? I’m a person too, a pretty good person and they’re lucky to have me,” Bradford was heard as he spoke to an unnamed source on his cellphone in the Eagles shower room.

Teammates said it was obvious Bradford decided to keep the pity party rolling for “at least one more day.”

“We thought yesterday was bad, with the silent treatment and loud sighs all practice long. But today, man…it’s like I’m home with my wife,” said head coach Doug Pederson.

“I don’t know how much reassurance I can give him. He’s just got to get on with it,” he said.

At press time, Bradford had taken to the weight room to have himself a good cry on the bench press and was planning to “treat himself” too a nice low-fat caramel macchiato and a scone after practice.

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