Sam Bradford gives teammates the silent treatment after returning to workouts

bra101548Philadelphia, PA – Optimism ran high at the Eagles voluntary workouts Monday morning, as franchise quarterback Sam Bradford returned to the facility to practice with his teammates after missing a week of workouts when he demanded to be traded.

However, the high spirits were quickly diminished as Bradford didn’t speak to a single one of his teammates and turned his back on questions from head coach Doug Pederson about how he was doing.

The only time Bradford made any type of acknowledgement whatsoever were loud, dramatic sighs he made in the locker room.

“We kept asking him what was wrong, if something was bothering him, and he just sat there in front of his locker, smoothing out his red no-contact jersey and not saying anything to anybody,” linebacker Connor Barwin said.

“Not really sure why he’s not talking to me, I was one of the only people on this roster to stick up for him.”

Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, notified the team and head office representatives that Bradford was “not angry, but disappointed” in the team for not honoring his trade request and for “looking at that younger, more athletic quarterback” more than they had looked at him in two years.

“He’s just sick of the way he’s being treated. You want to pay more attention to that other quarterback? That hussy? Fine. See if we care,” Condon said.

At press time, Bradford broke his silence and said he “shouldn’t have to tell my teammates why I’m upset, they should just know.”

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