Sam Hinkie leaves 76ers fans at time when they need him the most

Hinkie glassesPhiladelphia, PA – A tearful fan base watched forlornly as their favorite person in the whole world, their best friend, their buddy in arms, told them that he had taught them all they needed to know and it was time for him to leave.

“But why…was it something we did? We’ll be good, we promise! Please don’t leave us now, we just saw them win the 10th game of the season and the draft is coming up. Please, we love you,” a sobbing fan base told their pasty savior, as he looked down on them fondly.

Hinkie patted the fan base on its shoulder and knelt down for some final words of encouragement.

“I’ve done everything I can for you, there’s nothing else I can do or teach you. Another struggling, embattled team needs me more than you do now. You’ll be in good hands with Jerry (Colangelo), but unfortunately it’s time for me to go,” Hinkie said, as he let go and started to walk out of the Wells Fargo Center.

“But before I go, look at this whenever you need to remember me. I’ll always be with you,” Hinkie said, handing the fan base a simple envelope.

Upon opening the envelope, the smiling fan base read Hinkie’s last message to the City of Philadelphia.

“Dario and Joel are coming.”

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