Andy Reid caught tampering with rib eating contest

Andy Reid

He’s got to do a better job. 

Kansas City – Sources confirmed Wednesday afternoon that Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid would be fined $75,000 for tampering in pursuit of a coveted rib eating contest at Woodyard Bar-B-Q.

Representatives from the famous barbecue establishment said Coach Reid attempted to learn beforehand from a restaurant employee which sauces would be used for the 25th Annual “Rib Riot” contest.

“Mr. Reid tried to bribe our employee with Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia and tickets to the 2016-2017 to gain an unfair advantage in the annual eating competition. Knowing which sauces will be used for the competition ribs allows for an uneven playing field, and we’re saddened he would stoop so low,” a representative for the restaurant told The Coggin Toboggan.

A downtrodden Reid said he accepted the punishment and was “embarrassed” for his actions.

Reid attempted to enter the competition and was denied. He allegedly spent the next three hours inside the restaurant while members of the media waited in the parking lot for a comment.

“I’ve got to do a better job of putting myself in a better position to win these competitions, that’s on me,” Reid said, his face slathered with BBQ sauce, his mustache caked in baked beans.

At press time, it was confirmed that Reid had devoured an entire Woodyard Bar-B-Q “Sir Swine,” a 20 pound rack of ribs, while in the restaurant and had been awarded a t-shirt with the title, “Sir Swineman.”

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