Report: Claude Giroux really going at that punching bag


God he is PISSED.

Philadelphia, PA – Teammates practicing at the Flyers Skate Zone yesterday were tipped off to Claude Giroux’s snub from Team Canada for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey as they were greeted by the captain “really going to town” on the punching bag set up in the facility’s fitness center.

Several were surprised to see Giroux reportedly “wailing” on the piece of exercise equipment before the scheduled practice.

Giroux learned he did not make the initial team hours before Wednesday’s practice, much to the dismay of his teammates .

“Did Team Canada really snub him again? Who made it over Claude?” A confused Wayne Simmonds asked several at the facility when he arrived.

“Really? (Jeff) Carter made it over him? Oh Christ.”

The unfettered punching bag beating reportedly went on for close to 25 minutes, with no member of the Flyers willing to interrupt the stream of rage pouring out from the team captain.

At one point Brayden Schenn walked over to say something to Giroux, but the young winger returned quickly to the locker room, ashen faced and shaken.

“He is PISSED. He is muttering horrible, horrible things under his breath. This practice is going to suck,” he said.

At press time, several teammates finally decided to intervene when Giroux had taken off one of his skates and was stabbing the punching bag repeatedly.

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